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Benefits of a Massage from Spa Reveil

Last updated 7 years ago

 Massage has always had an aura of decadence and indulgence:  It’s a way to take care of yourself by enjoying pure, pampered “me” time.  But massage isn’t just a way to escape.  More and more, researchers and doctors are realizing the immense health benefits of massage and recommending it to their patients:

Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

These first benefits of massage are kind of no-brainers:  people have always used massage to relax, so it’s not exactly shocking that it helps with stress and anxiety.  But in combination with anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication, massage can be a powerful tool for those who suffer from mental illness. 

Controlling Blood Pressure

Massage is known to help decrease blood pressure, perhaps for the very reasons that transcendental meditation is thought to produce the same effects.  Transcendental meditation helps practitioners “gain a unique state of restful awareness or alertness.”  With massage, “clients often report a sense of perspective and clarity.”  Sound similar?  

 Helping Preemies Gain Weight

This last one is weird, but true, and is endorsed by the Mayo Clinic.  Massage can help premature infants put on weight, and when you consider that some babies are born so prematurely that they weigh well under two pounds, this benefit of massage can literally be life-saving.

As we’ve seen, massage has numerous health benefits, and here at Spa Reveil, we have multiple massage therapies geared towards easing a client’s specific problems.  Our rest and relax Swedish massage, for example, is aimed at boosting circulation and reducing fatigue, while our detox and deep tissue massage is meant to ease stiffness and soreness.  Most importantly, though, we’re happy to work with you to find the best massage for the best you.  Visit our website or call 512-961-3315 for more information today.


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