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Vichy Therapy and Skin Care at Spa Reveil

Last updated 7 years ago

When it comes to the skin on our faces, we’re careful, even lavish in our treatment of it.  Even the most “low-maintenance” women still use something besides plain bar soap and body lotion to keep their facial skin in order; on the other end of the spectrum, “high-maintenance” ladies can spend obscene amounts of money on lotions, potions, treatments, fillers, and surgeries to keep their faces looking fresh and youthful.

But what about the skin on the rest of our bodies?  We only seem to pay attention to it at all when it’s “acting up”—when it’s peeling, breaking out, or is too pale for that new sundress we want to wear tomorrow.  Usually, a good scrubbing with a net sponge and some nice-smelling body wash and a quick dab of lotion afterwards is all the skin that’s not on our faces can expect.  But what’s the point in putting our best faces forward if the rest of us straggles behind?  And if the skin on our faces can look and feel so much better after a spa treatment, then why are we denying the rest of our bodies that sensation?  Why aren’t we giving our bodies the Vichy therapies they so richly deserve?  It’s simply because we don’t understand what they are, and what they can do for us.

What Is a Vichy Shower?

A Vichy shower is a multi-headed shower that is used to stimulate the body’s chakras, detoxify, and rinse away body salt.  Vichy showers are primarily used during body treatments, which are meant to refresh the skin on your entire body.  A Vichy shower makes body treatments easier and more comfortable for the customer both because of the soothing sensations of the water itself, and because the customer doesn’t have to stop the treatment to go rinse off when the shower’s right on top of her.

What Can Vichy Treatments Do for Me?

All sorts of things, depending on what they’re geared towards.  Here at Spa Reveil, each of our specially-developed Vichy therapies is aimed at accomplishing a specific goal:

  • Our detoxifying seaweed therapy moisturizes, detoxifies, and helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Our lemongrass mimosa Vichy therapy exfoliates and invigorates skin.
  • Our espresso Vichy therapy improves circulation—not to mention helps make varicose veins and cellulite less apparent.

For more information about our Vichy therapies, visit our website or call 512-961-3316.  And remember: at Spa Reveil, we know that every party of you deserves to be pampered.



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