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Pain in the Neck! 3 Reasons Why You May be Suffering from Neck Pain

Last updated 6 years ago

The neck is a sensitive part of the body that supports the weight of your head and protects your spinal cord. If you are suffering from neck pain, then take a look at these possible explanations below.

1.      Acute Injury Due to Trauma or Strain

A sudden jerky movement or impact can cause an acute injury to your neck. In severe cases whiplash can occur, in which a sudden force to your head or neck can tear the soft muscles and tendons in your neck. Symptoms include pain, decreased range of motion, and tightness in the neck. You may feel tenderness and headaches may result. Whiplash should heal on its own, but you can help with recovery by icing and massaging your neck.

2.      Nerve Compression

There are many issues that can arise in your neck’s vertebrae. These can reduce the amount of space available for nerves to branch out from the spinal cord. For example, stiffened disks signify that the cushioning disks between your vertebrae have become dry. This narrows the spaces in your spinal column where the nerves exit. If you have a herniated disk, then the inner gel-like material of a disk sticks out through the disk’s covering. This protrusion can press on nerves that exit the spinal cord.

3.      A Sedentary Lifestyle

A lack of dynamic motion can cause muscles to tighten up and become tense in one position. This can result in pain occurring from movement outside of your normal range of motion or even cause a feeling of constant radiating pain. In particular, the sitting position that many adopt in front of their computers tends to hunch the neck and shoulders down. In order to avoid neck pain that arises from sedentary positions, try to get up and walk around every half hour to relax your muscles. Additionally, 3 sessions of simple exercises per week can loosen up your muscles and reduce your pain.

At Spa Réveil in Austin, we recognize the importance of keeping your neck muscles loose and limber, so take a look at the massages available on our spa menu if your muscles feel stiff or painful. Call us at (512) 961-4714 to ask about our special offers.


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