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What Could Be Causing Your Dry Skin?

Last updated 5 years ago

Our skin serves as our body’s barrier against all of Mother Nature’s elements. However, all of the sun, wind, and air changes that our bodies must face can sometimes leave our skin feeling dry or dehydrated.  Oftentimes, a customized spa treatment and skin care regiment can help to restore your skin. Before you can treat your dry skin, however, you need to understand the source of it. Read on to learn a few common causes of dry skin.

Winter Weather: Unfortunately, winter wonderlands wreak havoc on our skin. Low temperatures lead to low humidity. Low humidity leads to dry air – a key culprit of dry skin. Unfortunately, the indoor solution – a home heating system – only adds to the problem by further stripping moisture from the air. The best counteraction that you can take is to install a humidifier, apply lotion to your skin regularly, and protect your skin with a collection of winter weather gear.

Frequent Hand Washing: Dry hands can often be traced back to frequent hand washing or the regular use of hand sanitizers. Both can strip your hands of their natural oils, resulting in chapped and cracked hands. Carry a moisturizing hand soap to use instead of the harsh commercial solutions available in most bathrooms and utilize a moisturizing hand cream after washing.

Poor Nutrition: The old saying, “you are what you eat,” is never more true than when applied to your skin. If your diet is lacking in fatty acids such as omega-3, your skin will be unable to replenish itself and remain smooth and supple. In addition, a lack of hydration can show itself in your skin. Because you lose water through your skin on a daily basis, if you are not drinking enough to replenish loss fluids, your skin will begin to appear dry and shriveled.

For assistance in dealing with your dry skin, call Spa Reveil. Our exclusive day spa provides the ultimate pampering experience. We offer a full range of spa services, including holistic skin care, massage therapies, hydrotherapies, manicure, pedicures, and more. Call (512) 961-4714 to schedule an appointment today.


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