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How Hydrotherapy May Help You Recover from an Injury

Last updated 5 years ago

Even after the worst damage of an injury heals, your body needs time to rebuild the strength of the area and restore full motion and normal function. Hydrotherapy is one physical therapy strategy you might choose for injury recovery. Hydrotherapy takes place in a warm pool with multiple depths that accommodate different forms of exercise.

Improved Relaxation
The warm water of a hydrotherapy pool promotes relaxed muscles, providing pain relief and increased circulation. Just relaxing and getting blood to the injured area can stimulate your body’s work of healing itself. And for some hydrotherapy patients, floating and gentle movement are all their therapy will consist of. Some hydrotherapy experiences incorporate aromatherapy to increase relaxation and calm.

Targeted Exercises
Active hydrotherapy uses supervised exercise to restore movement and function to injured areas. Because the water provides patients with buoyancy, exercises that would strain injuries on land can be performed in the water. Buoyancy keeps weight off the injury and decreases risk of swelling. In this low-risk situation, you can move your injured area in the most effective exercises without worrying about reinjuring it. Some hydrotherapy environments even incorporate exercise machines into the process, taking steps like installing underwater treadmills.

Hydrotherapy Cautions
While hydrotherapy improves injury and other physical problems through relaxation and exercise for many people, not everyone is a good candidate for hydrotherapy. Anyone with heart disease, hypertension, or bleeding problems should avoid hydrotherapy, as the high temperature can increase blood flow and stress the heart. If you have a fever or an injury that is still inflamed, hydrotherapy may exacerbate, rather than heal, the problem.

Spa Réveil, in Austin, offers hydrotherapy packages targeted toward detoxification, renewal, and rest. Come relax in a pool of warm, scented water, and then enjoy the benefits of a Swedish massage. Call us today at (512) 961-4714 to find out more about our skin care, spa treatments, massage, and hand and foot treatments. 


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