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Balinese Massage Techniques

Last updated 5 years ago

Massage therapy can help many people relieve muscle tension and pain, stress-related illness, and negative emotional states. Learning about the many styles of massage offered by spas can help you choose the right massage; consider whether the techniques used in Balinese massage might be the perfect treatment for your body.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Aromatherapy operates under the principle that certain essential oils derived from plants can affect the body’s processing of pain, stress, and other ailments in a way that improves health. Balinese massage incorporates aromatherapy scents through essential scents used in massage oils and massage pretreatments. Oils often incorporate scents like ginger, lemongrass, or cloves, though floral scents like jasmine and rose are also used.

Acupressure and Reflexology points
Acupressure uses pressure points throughout the body that link to internal systems to relieve pain and maximize the flow of positive energy. Reflexology applies a similar idea, using points on the hands, feet, and ears that correspond to different body systems. Balinese massage therapists press these pressure points during massage treatments to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

Sliding, Exploration, and Kneading
Sliding, exploration, and kneading describe the rubbing techniques typical to most forms of massage. Balinese massage uses all three of these motion types. Practitioners slide hands over skin and muscles, explore tight muscles with the fingers, and knead muscles and skin with the hands. Balinese massage can also incorporate percussive massage techniques. Sampling from many styles of massage gives Balinese massage a well-rounded approach to muscle treatment and client relaxation.

The Balinese Spirit Ritual at Spa Réveil combines lemongrass exfoliation, a vichy rinse, and Balinese massage into one blissful package. To find out more about this treatment and our other Signature Rituals, visit us online or call our Austin location today at (512) 961-4714. 


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