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Are You Having Trouble Sleeping? Check Out These Tips and Then Come By Spa Reveil to Get the Full Relaxation You Need.

Last updated 7 years ago

According to, these are the 10 tips they list to sleep better:

"1. Develop sleep rituals. This releases the build-up of daily tension and builds a positive attitude as you prepare for sleep. Simple practices such as showering, bathing, stretching, journaling, relaxation, and yoga breathing can help your body prepare for a good night’s sleep.

2. Take time to wind down gradually. Dimming the lights or turning the TV or computer off one or two hours before going to bed can help.

3. Once you are in bed, welcome and surrender to sleep.

4. Explore any resistance to sleep. Give yourself permission to notice your thoughts without attaching a story to them.

5. Count your breaths. Inhale and exhale 1, inhale and exhale 2, and so on. If you lose count, begin again at 1.

6. If all else fails and you really can’t sleep, get out of bed for a while, but keep the room dimly lit and try some light reading. Stay away from the TV and computer!

7. Develop waking rituals. Practice waking up with a relaxed attitude. Wake up gradually and take a few moments to notice your surroundings.

8. Notice your in breath and your out breath as you wake up. Visualize a great day ahead!

9. Get rid of the annoying alarm clock; it will disrupt your whole day! Look for a Zen clock, or wake up to soft music.

10. Stick to healthy eating, moderate aerobic exercise, and drop the caffeine and alcohol for good night zzzz’s."


It is always great to make sure you are relaxed. Your day to day stress levels can make it hard for you to relax once you hit the pillow. Call Spa Reveil and find out about our spa packages. That way, you can relieve your stress, relax and crawl into bed for a wonderful night's sleep!


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