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    Signature Global Rituals You Can Try at Spa Reveil

    Last updated 4 years ago

    A trip to the spa is a great way to relax and let go of life’s worries. When you visit Spa Reveil, you can relax with one of our amazing signature global rituals. These treatments are inspired by different regions, giving guests a chance to relax and experience a totally new culture:

    Balinese Spirit Ritual

    This treatment is designed to help spa guests feel more balanced and build a stronger connection between their minds and bodies. The Balinese Spirit Ritual starts with a lemongrass exfoliating polish that repairs the skin while leaving it feeling smooth and silky. Guests get a vichy rinse before hopping into a lemongrass bath. The treatment ends with a soothing scalp massage and a full body Swedish massage.

    Egyptian Beauty Ritual

    If your skin feels dry or tight, give it the moisture it needs with our Egyptian Beauty Ritual. Indulge in an inviting bath featuring milk proteins and vitamins before being pampered with a skin-softening body wrap. Skin feels silky smooth following these treatment elements. Guests can finish the ritual with a scalp massage and Swedish massage.

    Mayan Cocoa Ritual

    Did you know that cocoa can rejuvenate your skin? Our Mayan Cocoa Ritual starts with a luxurious sweet cream sea salt scrub applied for exfoliation. Next, guests are treated to a chocolate mask body wrap that leaves skin softer and more radiant. This ritual ends with a vichy shower followed by a scalp massage and Swedish massage.

    Scandinavian Detox Ritual

    Give your whole body a boost with our Scandinavian Detox Ritual. This treatment begins with a lemongrass body scrub to remove dead skin. After this, guests receive an anti-inflammatory gel envelopment to reduce soreness and boost relaxation. Guests are then treated to a Swedish massage with menthol and rosemary followed by a scalp massage.

    Learn more about these rituals by contacting Spa Reveil today. Check us out online for more information about our signature global rituals as well as our other day spa services. Schedule your appointment by calling us at (512) 961-4714.

    How do you Bliss?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Spa Reveil is an exclusive spa sanctuary dedicated to creating a blissful experience for every guest. Designed to calm the mind, soothe the body and nurture the soul, SPA RÉVEIL (AUSTIN)offers a sensory haven that blends cultures, colors, and elements in exquisite harmony. 

    A Blissful experience, in a mystic and magical atmosphere, a sensory haven blending ancient rituals and traditions to bring you an experience like no other.  Our luxurious spa treatments are customized to echo your personal needs and desires allowing you to experience a treatment journey that is best for you.

    How do you Bliss?  by Spa Reveil – 

    Planning an Unforgettable Corporate Event

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Forget throwing a company picnic and say goodbye to employee retreats. If you want to promote a positive work environment for your workers, treat them to a day at a spa sanctuary in Austin. Spas are not only for bachelorette and bridal shower parties. An exclusive day spa is the ideal locale for you to show appreciation for your employees and give them a company gift that they will never forget.

    Cultivate Employee Wellness

    A healthy employee is a productive employee. Overwhelming research points to the link between stress and illness. How many workdays have you already lost to sick and fatigued workers who simply needed a few hours to relax and unwind? What better way to encourage rest and rejuvenation than with a massage and skin care treatments? When you show your workers that you truly care about their wellbeing, you are investing in their worth as not only employees, but friends.

    Bolster Coworker Camaraderie

    A relationship that revolves around emails, meetings, and deadlines is not much of a relationship at all. Relationships that have a foundation in genuine friendship can yield better communication, collaboration, and results for your company. Give your employees a chance to get to know their coworkers by coordinating a day at a spa sanctuary. Without a full inbox to read and projects to complete, your employees can form authentic relationships that will enhance the environment at work.

    Reward a Job Well Done

    Sending a company-wide email that congratulates your employees on securing a new client or finishing a project ahead of time can absolutely show your workers that you value their dedication and hard work. However, consider a different token of your appreciation; namely, give your workers a day off to indulge at an exclusive day spa. Not only will they enjoy their day of relaxation, but also will be refreshed and focused as they work on their next project.

    Do you want to host your next corporate event at Spa Reveil? Call (512) 961-4714 to speak with an associate about our event options. You can also visit our website for additional details on what your group can expect when they visit our exclusive Austin day spa

    The Smart Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair: Sugaring

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Practiced for many years in other parts of the globe, sugaring is now gaining popularity in the United States. This skincare technique uses a thick sugar solution that can rid the skin of unwanted hair. Many recipients enjoy sugaring because it is extremely gentle on the skin. If hair remains on areas that have already undergone treatment, a second application of the sugar solution can be given without resulting skin inflammation. Other hair removal methods may at times cause ingrown hairs, but sugaring eliminates this occasional side effect as well. The mild abrasion of the sugar granules against the skin can also provide moderate exfoliation benefits.

    Are you ready to try sugaring for your hair removal needs? Call Spa Reveil at (512) 961-4714 to schedule an appointment at our exclusive day spa. We also offer comprehensive waxing services for our Austin, Round Rock, Westlake Hills, and Georgetown clients. 

    What Is Hydrotherapy?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Consider how it feels to stand under a hot shower after a long day at work. Few experiences are as comforting as the gentle massage of warm water on your body. Wellness experts understand the rejuvenating benefits of water, which is why exclusive day spas often provide hydrotherapy services for clients. This holistic treatment can address areas of weakness in the body, promote better physical health, and encourage mental wellness.


    Hydrotherapy utilizes one of nature’s most precious commodities: water. This revitalizing treatment creates an environment where water naturally massages the body. In many cases, hydrotherapy takes place in a hot tub or water spa. To enhance the calming experience that hydrotherapy can produce for its recipients, wellness experts may also add special oils or plants that can release beneficial elements into the water and aromas into the air. This allows clients to enjoy both the tactile and aromatic benefits of hydrotherapy.


    The advantages of hydrotherapy for health and wellness cross over from physical reinvigoration to emotional renewal. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain can use hydrotherapy to alleviate discomfort. Arthritis sufferers in particular may find hydrotherapy a safe and effective natural solution to their pain. Clients who have recently suffered injuries to their muscles or joints can take advantage of this treatment method to reduce stiffness and irritation of tissues. Individuals who battle recurrent bouts of minor illnesses can also enjoy immune benefits from hydrotherapy. This treatment option can help those who are experiencing anxiety, too. When stress arises from family, work, financial, or health concerns, hydrotherapy can provide a healthy escape from those worries. It can also help recipients forget a particularly bad day at the office or stressful conversation with a friend or family member.

    Spa Reveil is happy to provide hydrotherapy services at our Austin spa sanctuary. If you need an hour or two to put your physical or emotional troubles behind you, call our exclusive day spa today at (512) 961-4714 to make an appointment. We also provide a wide range of massage, hand, and feet treatments that can help promote total wellness.

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